The required minimum set of pocketsphinx (and sphinxbase) headers, translated to Object Pascal. Custom thread wrapper TPocketSphinx is capable of recognizing English speech live from a default audio source in Windows and Linux, call back with status and hypothesis if available.

PocketSphinx is a lightweight speech recognition engine, specifically tuned for handheld and mobile devices, though it works equally well on the desktop

TADR and its subprojects moved to RiouxSVN

TADR (and all subprojects) were moved to public SVN repository, available at:

This URL allows to view files in web browser or download latest revision with your SVN client (I recommend TortoiseSVN for Windows).
Repository is public but read-only, if you want to provide changes, please create account at and send me a message with your user name, and short explanation why you need it.

Compare distance between two points...

Let's say we use pixel as a position unit in our game engine/graphics/etc. project. To calculate distance between points in such environment the most common solution is to retrieve absolute value of X and Y difference and perform mathematical function called hypot. This requires rounding result value to get integer (woah - pixels are integers). The return value is then compared with some other value. What if only we want to compare distance - to check is it less/equal/greater than given value ? Do we still have to use FPU unit in CPU thanks to hypot call ? Here is my attempt for code that is probably faster than hypot, but can be less accurate: