Development Mod 1.1b

The Development Mod has been updated to include latest Recorder release
I haven't announced this mod in here before. It is a pack of example units (not only) with features i implemented into Recorder project.

You can read Dev Mod 1.1b notes. (this doc is also available offline once Dev Mod is installed on your system)

Have fun !


What's new:
COB Extensions :
- attaching/detaching units
- getting prior to, transporter and latest transporting unit IDs
- testing map grid spot for unit unload with transporter
- expanded unit heal extension to include all of TA "damage" types (weapon, paralyze, reclaim, heal...)
- retrieving unit owner player type
- current order target position and target unit ID
- unit state mask to know is unit selected by player or hovering mouse over it
- fixed : single minion create wasn't resulting in unit ID

Scripts calls :
- WeaponHit called when projectile fired from the unit made damage to locked target unit
- ConfirmVTOLTransport for vtol transporters confirms unit load/unload.

- added units capture remaining time bar
- battle room memory amount fix

Check Recorder featuers section for more info.

Coding, coding and coding...

Why is time passing so quickly ? TADR seems to be my longest time consuming project ever, dang!

Anyway, big update is coming soon!
- Expanded possible explosions list from 6 to 20
- GUI : dynamic sized health bars, reclaim/resurrect/weapon reload time/stockpile weapon progress bars, multi transporters loaded units counter, resources income-outcome difference
- Resurrection patrol has come to alive. Yup, after almost 17 years.
- New COB extensions:

  • play GAF animations instead of "exploding pieces" of unit object
  • native method of units self heal
  • forcing unit to shoot (limited now for non-turret)

Click read more to see videos showing new stuff in action
PS. Extensions list is being updated partially and dynamically - some of indexes may just differ compared to public build 437. Please don't be mad on me, keep calm, play some TA and wait for new release.