Voice Control plugin for AIMP

Allows to control the AIMP player with voice commands.
Download v 0.1 ZIP package (unpack manually to Plugins folder) or Installer

In current version US English is the only available language, with commands:

  • play (starts playback)
  • pause
  • stop
  • next (goes to next track)
  • previous (goes to previous track)
  • forward (seeks forward by 1/8 of track length)
  • backward (seeks backward by 1/8 of track length)
  • volume up (sets volume higher by 25%)
  • volume down (sets volume lower by 25%)
  • max volume
  • mute
  • unmute
  • shuffle on
  • shuffle off
  • loop on
  • loop off

Command is proceeded with a prefix. As default the prefix is "ok AIMP", it must be spoken before the command. Plugin does NOT require Internet connection because voice recognition works locally.

Known issues:
- Prefix keyword sensitivity depends on input audio parameters and can cause false or no detection If you get no detection, lower your microphone boost. If you get too much detection, go to Plugins\aimp_VoiceControl\Data\English\prefix.kws and modify /1e-24/ to /1e-18/ or even lower. After that change, save the file and reopen AIMP.
- Longer AIMP startup due to recognizer initialization
- If there is an application running in full screen mode, OSD can cause switching back to desktop
- Occasional plugin finalization crash

- More languages support f.e. german, russian, french
- Adjustable prefix accuracy threshold to reduce false detection
- Custom step size for volume up/down and seek commands
- Selectable input audio device
- Play notification sound once prefix was recognized and plugin is ready to listen for commands (optional)
- More commands ? Any suggestions ?