Extended Game Stats

Extended Game Stats


Recorder is required. In order to get EGS files created, you have to set CreateStats entry to TRUE in the INI (totala.ini/TA.ini etc.) settings file. That's it ! Stats file will be created once game is finished (or closed) and can be found in corresponding game mod (or OTA) demos dir.

Viewer application

Extended Game Stats Viewer
Extended Game Stats Viewer Source Code (Written in Lazarus 1.2)

File format

Similar to CSV, where first cell of any row indicates stat event type, and second one game time (for most of event types). Game time is in tick format with resolution of 1/30s. To convert it to seconds, divide value by 30.

Event type ID   Details
0 PlayerInfo Player index, Player side (0 - Arm, 1 - Core, 2 - Watch), Player units array first ID, Player Name
1 - -
2 GameFinished Game time
3 PlayerDeadOrQuit Game time, Player index
4 EconomyStats Game time, Player index, Metal stored, Energy stored, Metal storage, Energy storage, Metal income, Energy income
5 ResourcesShare Game time, From player index, To player index, Resource type (1 - energy, 2 - metal), Amount
6 FeatureReclaim Game time, Player index, Feature name, Feature metal, Feature energy
7 NewUnitStarted Game time, Player index, Unit ID, Unit type name
8 UnitBuildFinished Game time, Player index, Unit ID, Unit type name
9 UnitKilled Game time, Attacker unit ID, Killed unit ID, Unit type name (not guaranteed)
10 Damage Game time, Attacker unit ID, Target unit ID, Attacker player index, Target player index, Damage type (listed in Scriptor exptype.h definitions file), Amount