TA Launcher

Current Version: (24.09.2014)
Download: TA Launcher

Launcher main

- supports new TADR mods system
- launch selected game mod
- launch WarZone and GameRanger gaming clients (download them if not installed)
- launch games Replayer
- edit settings of selected mod
- start updater (included in TAU mods) application to check is mod update available
- show more information about mod

Requires mods installed via Mods Tool in order to work. You may consider installing your OTA as a mod, in case you don't play any mods but you still want to use this application. Unofficial patch installer does it for you.

TA Launcher Settings

Version history: (24.09.2014) (02.04.2014)
Updated to work with new mods.ini path
Fix for missing registry entries (settings won't open up for mods that haven't been launched at least once) (8.11.2013) (31.10.2013)
Added license information.
Launch parameters: -L:xxxx (launches game mod with given id), -H:xxxx (shows help page of specified mod, doesn't go back to main window after all) (25.10.2013)
Support extra mod information stored in modinfo.cfg of specified mod directory

1.0 (14.10.2013)

Copyright (C) 2014 Rime, N72 Licensed under MIT license. For more information check launcher-license.txt file.