Mods Tool

Current Version: (Released 24.09.2014)
Download: TADR Mods Tool

A small tool to manage (add/remove/update) installed TA mods. Information stored in mods.ini file is also being used by Launcher, Recorder and Replayer parts of TADR.

Available parameters:
add, remove, update
i = mod ID number
n = mod name
v = mod version
p = full path to mod exe file
r = short registry name
s = sets lock on SFX limit
u = sets lock on unit limit

Short registry name means the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HERE path, this is used by TA Universe mods in order to separate game engine settings like sound or resolution. Requires TotalA.exe and DDraw (for macro, video memory settings) hex editing if you want your mod non totala.ini settings (registry stuff) be separated from OTA settings.

Example usage:

Installing (adding) mod:
r and v params aren't required.
modstool.exe -add "-i:999" "-n:Total Annihilation: My Mod" "-v:Alpha 1.0" "-p:C:\MyMod\TotalA.exe" "-r:TAMyMod"

To bump mod version:
modstool.exe -update "-i:999" "-v:Beta 7.0"

Uninstalling (removing) mod from list:
modstool.exe -remove "-i:999"

Version history (24.09.2014) (11.05.2014)
Mod installation/removal process will now edit totala.ini to assign correct mod ID (01.04.2014)
Update to make mods.ini file location Windows Vista+ friendly (AppData) (10.12.2013)
New switches (SFX and unit limit lock) (26.10.2013)