TADR - New features

Download: Recorder

Source code: https://svn.riouxsvn.com/tadr (SVN in anonymous read-only mode)

New features and fixes:

  • New: complex mods system
  • New: hotkeys to enable/disable sharing metal/energy and +shootall
  • New: customizable size of units health bar, weapons reload, stockpile, multi transporters counter etc.
  • Fix: .cmdwarp will work also for late joiners, no need to rehost the game
  • Fix: .take should work in more case of reject (two or more players dropped)
  • Fix: unit limit will now work, and can be set higher than 1500 (recommended for skirmish-only players)

New hotkeys

Left ALT + Left Shift + Z Energy share switcher for team players.
Switches sharing between: 0 or latest value.
Can be useful if your mate really needs e for D-Gun
Left ALT + Left Shift + X Share energy ON/OFF
Left ALT + Left Shift + C Share metal ON/OFF
Left ALT + Left Shift + A Shoot all ON/OFF
Left CTRL + Left Shift + S Remove build queue in selected labs
Menu key Switch showranges state
For modders:
Left ALT + Left Shift + W Save current unit and weapons types (unitsweaps.h)
  • 80+ new COB extensions !
  • new plugins based on Admiral_94 work:
    - Allow registration of yardmap data for any unit, including mobile, into memory
    - Have mobile units (those being built from mobile) use the typical nano colors while under construction
    - Allow mobile units to build mobile units
    - Modify ingame colors like units health bar, selection box, load bars, nanolathe particles, build spot test rectangles
  • Other experimental plugins:
    - Allow plants to build nonmobile units (bmcode = 0)
    In test stage (may be unstable):
    - High trajectory for ballistic weapons
    - Expanded AimPrimary/AimSecondary/AimTertiary calls to include target unit ID (long)
    - Expanded explosions list

COB extensions

A complete list of new COB extensions can be found in exptype.h file included in Recorder release packages.

Enabling individual plugins

Plugins can be enabled by editing TA.ini file section called Preferences. An example TA.ini is also included in TADR package.

Key Name Description
ScriptorIncludePath Absolute path to Scriptor's "include" directory where unitsweaps.h will be saved
UseCommonMaps TRUE or FALSE. If path is set in registry - TA will also load maps UFO and CCX files from given location
UseCommonGameData TRUE or FALSE. CCX and HPI are loaded from directory set in registry
GUI related. Available in both OTA and mods mode :
HealthBarDynamicSize TRUE or FALSE
Health bar size will be based on unit max HP. Dynamic size categories described below
HealthBarDynamicCat1 Unit with max HP greater than given value will get standard HP bar size category, below - tiny units
Default : 250
HealthBarDynamicCat2 Default : 1900
HealthBarDynamicCat3 Default : 3000
HealthBarDynamicCat4 Default : 5000
HealthBarDynamicCat5 Default : 10000
MinWeaponReloadTime Sets min. required weapon reload time to show reload bar for unit. Default is 0 (disabled)
TransportersCount TRUE or FALSE
Draw loaded units counter for multi transporters.
StockpileCount TRUE or FALSE
Draw built weapons counter for stockpile units - silos etc, and weapon build progress bar if weapon reload bar is enabled.
MinReclaimTime Min. reclaim time to show reclaim/resurrect bar for units.
Recommended value of 5 or greater
ClockPosition Draw game clock without "Game Time" prefix
1 (bottom left corner), 2 (bottom right), 3 (top left), 4 (top right)
ForceDrawBuildSpotNano TRUE or FALSE
Forces draw nanoframe for all unit types at build spot test stage
DrawBuildSpotQueueNano TRUE or FALSE
Draw nanoframe units also for queued build spots
BuildSpotNanoShimmer TRUE or FALSE
Enable/disable shimmering for build spot test units
UnitSelectBoxType Force unit selection box type. 0 - Use default box, 1 - circle for mobiles only, 2 - circle for all units
Section Colors

All values are decimal (0-255), including offset colors. In Admiral_94 colors palettes, fields are called Laser# and Color#. You don't have to care about calculating offset from 0DCB. However hexadecimal values can be also used but with $ prefix. F.e. $0A; If some key is not present in Colors section or it's empty, no change will occur (TA will use its default).
Per side settings are now also available, sections - ColorsSide1, ColorsSide2, ColorsSide3. In OTA side 1 is Arm, 2 is Core and #3 is Watch.

UnitSelectionBox = ;
UnitHealthBarGood = ;
UnitHealthBarMedium = ;
UnitHealthBarLow = ;
WeaponReloadBar = ;
ReclaimBar = ;
StockpileBar = ;
BuildQueueBoxSelected1 = ;
BuildQueueBoxSelected2 = ;
BuildQueueBoxNonSelected1 = ;
BuildQueueBoxNonSelected2 = ;
LoadBarsTexturesReady = ;
LoadBarsTexturesLoading = ;
LoadBarsTerrainReady = ;
LoadBarsTerrainLoading = ;
LoadBarsUnitsReady = ;
LoadBarsUnitsLoading = ;
LoadBarsAnimationsReady = ;
LoadBarsAnimationsLoading = ;
LoadBars3DDataReady = ;
LoadBars3DDataLoading = ;
LoadBarsExplosionsReady = ;
LoadBarsExplosionsLoading = ;
NanolatheParticleBase = ;
NanolatheParticleColors = ;
UnderConstructSurfaceLo = ;
UnderConstructSurfaceHi = ;
UnderConstructOutlineLo = ;
UnderConstructOutlineHi = ;
MainMenuDots = ;
MainMenuDotsDisabled = FALSE;


UnitSelectionBox = 82;
LoadBarsAnimationsReady = 3;
LoadBarsAnimationsLoading = 5;
// color LoadBarsAnimationsReady + LoadBarsAnimationsLoading
// will be used (3+5=8)
NanolatheParticleBase = 208;

StopButtonRemovesQueue TRUE or FALSE
ScoreBoard TRUE or FALSE
ExplosionsGameUIExpand 0 - to disable
Available only in mods mode:
GAF animations list Expands the list of available gaf explosions.
Explode6, Explode7, Explode8, (...) CustAnim1, CustAnim2, CustAnim3, (...) in customfx.gaf
ResurrectionPatrol TRUE or FALSE

New weapon tags :

Tag Name Description
hightrajectory enables high trajectory for ballistic weapon
preserveaccuracy weapon accuracy isn't increasing along with unit kills counter, useful for ARM Vulcan etc.
notairweapon unit with this weapon will not shoot or aim at enemy air units
intercepts delimited with space key weapons list. weapon with "intercepts" tag will intercept only with the weapons from the list

New unit info tags :

Tag Name Description
multiairtransport air transporter gets ability to load more than just a single unit (set 1 to enable, capacity is defined with transportcapacity)
transportweightcapacity air multi transporter maximum capacity will be defined by transportcapacity and combined unit weight (build cost metal)
extravtolorders air unit can capture or resurrect (not finished - order initialization is missing, leading landed units to no lift)
hidehpbar hide HP bar
drawbuildspotnano draw a static nanoframe for this unit type at build spot test stage, gets overwritten by DrawBuildSpotQueueNano setting
teleportmethod 1 - Self Only, 2 - Self Only + Player LoS test, 3 - Old style, yardmap units to given place
teleportminreloadtime Teleport action minimum reload time (in ticks)
customrange1dist Custom drawn unit range circle distance value
customrange1color Custom drawn unit range circle distance color index
customrange2anim Set to 1 to animate second custom drawn unit range circle, like kamikaze units do
SolarGenerator Indicates unit is a solar energy generator. 1.0 = 100% of solar strength set in map info (OTA file)
SelectBoxType Switches between standard selection box and circle. 0 - box, 1 - circle, 2 - none

New COB scripts :

Script name and arguments Description
ConfirmVTOLTransport(b_loading, piece_nr, loaded_unit_id) Called when VTOL transporter loaded or unloaded a unit.
WeaponHit(weapon_id, b_hit) Called if unit's projectile hit the target or ground
TookDamage(dmg_type, dmg_amount, attacker_id) Called when unit took damage. Damage types are listed in exptype.h
SetNewMaxReloadTime(weapon_idx, reloadtime)  
Shield(dmg_amount, attacker_id, target_id)  
Teleporting(x, z, y, unit_id) for tmVTOLOthers and tmYardmap
Teleporting(x, z, y, 1/0) for tmSelf and tmSelfLoS


Remove MOD section in INI file to set backward compatibility mode on (for OTA)