TaskNoKill - Unable to terminate process ?

TaskNoKill is a standalone Windows console application. It can launch other applications and protect them from being terminated with Task Manager and similar tools. TaskNoKill can be useful for administrators who want to i.e. run applications in scheduled tasks that can not be killed by a standard user.


TaskNoKill can accept three arguments – “protect”, “app” and “args”.

Parameter Value

yes – Application specified in app argument will be launched and immediately protected.
no - Application specified in app argument will be searched in running processes list. If found, protection will be removed.

app Executable path in double quotes. i.e. "C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe"
args Additional arguments that are passed to created process (optional)


  • Launch Calculator and protect it.
    tasknokill.exe --protect=yes --app="C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe"
  • Remove protection. This will bring back ability of terminating calc.exe.
    tasknokill.exe --protect=no --app="C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe"

How it works ?

Protection is achieved by modifying Access Control List of target process. An access control entry of deny type and PROCESS_TERMINATE mask is set for "World" (Everyone) user. PROCESS_SET_INFORMATION and PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION is also used to prevent manual ACL modification in tools like Process Explorer:
TaskNoKill Process Explorer

Protected process can still be terminated by itself, or from elevated task managers etc.



TaskNoKill is freeware, free also for commercial use. Not for sale.
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